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Shifted audio in 2017 “Thriller” audio from “Thriller 3D” in Sydney

  Must Use Headphones   Left Audio Channel : 2017 “Thriller” audio from “Thriller 3D” in Sydney Right Audio Channel: 1983 Thriller audio from 1983 original Video Note the slowly shifting of the audio in… Read More

Estate of Michael J. Jackson – Fifth Account Current and Report (From January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015)

A summary will be presented either on this blog or on the sister blog

MJ fans: two half-truths don’t make one truth…

As it has already been stated in previous blogs, we will tolerate NO MORE of the blatant and systematic misinformation bloggers have generated throughout the web. This inaccurate information is nothing less than gossip, morbid curiosity, sensationalism, mere… Read More