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Michael Jackson removed John Branca and other scumbags from his Trusts

Michael Jackson removed John Branca and other scumbags from his trusts because MJ did not trust John Branca and the rest of the scumbags, because of John Branca ‘s and other scumbags’s involvment with sony, in his lifetime problems.



Michael Jackson’s deposition on June 12/13, 2006.

This is MJ answering the questions:






Katherine Jackson ‘s deposition on October 16, 2006:





In the March, 31 2006 – MJ-ATV Publishing Trust Assignment and Acceptance Agreement , you can see how Michael Jackson had only himself and his mother in charge



Michael Jackson REMOVED John Branca as co-trustee of the MJ Publishing Trust , with the 4th Amended and Restated MJ Publishing Trust Agreement – dated March 31, 2006 :




Sony / Michael Jackson Estate and their hands in media through “The Hollywood Reporter” and “Billboard”

Busine$$ meetings among the crooks of Hollywood Reporter (like Matt Belloni and co.) and the crooks of Sony

‘s fans should be aware that John Branca has pals (lawyer too) at and at (the Hollywood reporter) writing propaganda BS for him


Simple example how John Branca/sony bullshit people around with their in the pocket media , like in this case with crooks at => @THR (the Hollywood reporter) / @billboard



Michael Jackson for all these crook$ ?

‘The end wacko Jacko”

The trashing of #MichaelJackson by the hands of Michael Jackson Estate, using their trash partners in busine$$/media

This is the sort of articles that Michael Jackson Estate filed in court against the IRS to use their content to talk shit about in order to devalue his image and likeness



MJ Estate / John Branca pictured as a pariah&a freak&devalued MJ’s image & devalued MJ’s assets. AEG did the same