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FACT: John Branca, Frank DiLeo and Joel Katz, were retained by AEG for the “This Is It” concerts and forced on Michael Jackson by AEG



This is the email of Randy Phillips of AEG mentioning Joel Katz at Greenberg Traurig , ON RETAINER to AEG !


This is the lies of the Michael Jackson Estate about John Branca and Joel Katz. 

Fact is that John Branca of Ziffren and Joel Katz of Greenberg Trauring, were retained by AEG as “entertainment counsel” on a Michael Jackson that was put under pressure by AEG.



Because of the horrible conditions Michael Jackson was facing, there was no way for Michael Jackson to oppose the re-hiring of people that Michael Jackson fired and that he told her Mother multiple times that he would NOT have wanted involved with him anymore!

Instead, Michel Jackson was put in a condition to suffer what and who AEG wanted.

The business of pettifoggers: the huge amount of Money that pettifoggers make off Michael Jackson .

The business of pettifoggers:  the huge amount of Money that pettifoggers make off Michael Jackson . 

This is the money they made just from March 2017 to December 2017.


The lies of John Branca of Michael Jackson Estate about the sony/ATV sale and the buy/sell clause

The lies of John Branca of Michael Jackson Estate .

He repeats over and over again the same script/LIE of blaming anyone post 2006 for the sale of sony/atv, when HIMSELF was the lawyer involved in the Sony/ATV operative agreement with the trigger clause that was in it, since the beginning, way before 2006!

Sony/ATV operative agreement

“Exit strategies” and “put options”



To not forget the loans accrued under John Branca, that overtime gave power to Sony to control Michael Jackson



The shameful cover of the album Xscape that is a marketing gimmick for selling a sony’s product

Disturbing how Michael Jackson Estate and Sony use Michael Jackson as a product and a slave.

The ring around the photoshopped body shape and face of Michael Jackson on the Michael Jackson Estate’s /Sony ’s album cover Xscape , represents a Speaker Ring .

This is a silent advertising of the new Sony’s phone speaker/audio system capability….

A photoshopped Michael Jackosn’s figure is in a audio speaker with around his head the final part of the speaker system…the Speaker ring

Shameful… all these marketeers call this cover, futuristic “artwork” ….. this is called silent marketing crap for Sony…slavery