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The problematic evidence that is among the “Michael Jackson’s properties that Michael Jackson Estate Claims Man Engaged to Singer’s Sibling Stole”

Be sure that when there are facts that are problematic for the crooks of Michael Jackson Estate, these crooks of the Michael Jackson Estate rush to get the facts that are inconvenient for them and make them disappear so that they can not be exposed.

Be sure that among Michael Jackson ‘s belongings there were/are facts that expose these crooks that own Michael Jackson in death, and hence these facts must be erased by these crooks.

But hey! It is better for heirs and Jackson’s family members that live off Michael Jackson , to be fed by the crooks of Michael Jackson Estate and give up those evidence , instead of use those evidence (that they took YEARS ago from that house) to get rid of the crooks of the MJ Estate that feeds them!



Estate of Michael J. Jackson – Ninth Account Current and Report (From January 1st 2018 to December 31st, 2019)

The exploitation of Michal Jackson for filling lawyer’s pockets and family members living as parasite off Michael Jackson

The heirs and Michael Jackson Estate benefiting from false allegations against Michael Jackson

The “expert” in exploitation of deceased ‘s artists Mark Roesler, has been Michael Jackson Estate expert against the IRS, and AEG’s expert against Katherine Jackson , for devaluing Michael Jackson’s worth and image and likeness because of false allegations and media garbage talking agaist MJ, for succeeding in their monkey business that favors themselves.

Still cretins (including MJ ‘s family members) teaming up with the lawyers and people of MJ Estate , all pretending to “defend” MJ from the false allegations and lies that all these crooks have benefited that exist!

F☆☆☆ you!