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Ppl of AEG and of the Estate, despite being part of the events that lead to MJ’s death and despite a chain of emails and phone calls and meetings involving them in questioning MJ’s health, claimed for 4 years , that they saw ‘no evidence’ of MJ’s physical distress and pictured to #MJFam a MJ ready to tour.. while opposing Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit and the truth that she presented to the public
– Email on 6/19/09 from John Hougdahl to Gongaware and Phillips Subject: “Trouble at the front”

– Email from Randy Phillips to Tim Leiweke on 6/19/09 ” :
We have a huge problem here.”

– Email from John Branca to Phillips, Gongaware, Joel Katz, Frank DiLeo, Michael Kane on 6/20/09 
“I have the right therapist/spiritual advisor/substance abuse counselor who could help (recently helped Mike Tyson get sober and paroled) . Do we know whether there is a substance issue involved (perhaps better discusses on the phone).”

– Email from Ortega to Randy Phillips on 6/20/09: (chain of emails) 
“I honestly don’t think he is ready for this based on his continued physical weakening and deepening emotional state…”

– Email from Phillips to Gongaware on 6/20/09 at 1:52 am 
“Tim and I are going to see him tomorrow, however, I’m not sure what the problem is …Chemical or Physiological?”

– Email From Gongaware to Phillips, on 6/20/09 at 5:59 am:
“Take the doctor with you. Why wasn’t he there last night?”

– Email From Phillips to Gongaware, on 6/20/09 at 2:01 pm 
“He is not a psychiatrist so I’m not sure how effective he can be at this point…obviously, getting him there is not the issue. It is much deeper.”