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Michael Jackson Estate continue to push to sell #MichaelJackson to sony

The #crooks of Michael Jackson Estate continue to push to get the approval from the judge to sell #MichaelJackson to sony

Lo que yo sé del misterio de Michael Jackson By Javier Ceriani (Peter Lopez ‘s friend)

What I know about the mystery of Michael Jackson I wasn’t surprised when Michael Jackson’s children were reluctant to play along with their uncles’ evil and ambitious game. They know perfectly well what their father thought of his… Read More

Estate of Michael J. Jackson – Tenth Account Current and Report (From January 1st 2019 to December 31st, 2019)

Pettifogger’s tenth account. The exploitation of Michal Jackson for filling lawyer’s pockets and family members living as parasite off Michael Jackson These accounts papers are 3 years behind, so that you can catch them with the sale of… Read More