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My complete Twitter Account

  Here at this link you can use the search option , to search through my tweets , typing any word or sentence Click on the below images to enlarge and look into detail to each single… Read More

The stolen Michael Jackson Estate

“John E. Schreiber, an attorney for Katherine Jackson, said, “Frankly, Mrs. Jackson has concerns about handing over the keys to the kingdom.”Branca had a 5 percent interest in Sony/ATV Music Publishing in September 2005, according to Uniform Commercial… Read More

Michael Jackson ‘s lawsuit against Julien’s Auction (March 2009)

  In March 2009 , Michael Jackson sued Julien’s Auction House exposing the crooks they are , while trying to block this auction     On august 29, 2018 , Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson sell pair of… Read More

Michael Jacksons ‘s 272 MILLION DOLLARS in loans with Bank of America, accrued up to 1998 continuing to 2004 , with MJ in the dirty hands of MJ Estate ‘s executor John Branca and friends

Do people understand the #fact that the 272 MILLION DOLLARS of loans that #MichaelJackson accrued with Bank Of America up to the year 1998 continuing to the year 2004 , were accrued under the “management” (cheating and fuckeries)… Read More