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Going back to the Roots of Michael Jackson Financial problems. (part 2)

All the documents used below can be found here:


There are some reasons why we have chosen to start with this case:

  1. The large volume of documents. Actually  there are thousands of pages of    depositions, agreements, documents, contracts and notes.
  2.  The case has been reported randomly by MEDIA and writers
  3. This particular deposition of Don Stabler was used by some bloggers  of the MJ community to slander Randy Jackson using the well-known technique of extracting information from documents and manipulate the wording to make fans forget the positive influence and the help Randy gave to his brother in that specific period (he was Tom Meserau friend and ask him to help Michael)  and to drum up support for questionable behaviors,  confusing  discussions by deflecting attention from the real issues.

We are not here to support Stabler or Randy Jackson image, but we want to show you the informations disclosed in their integrity and not through “selected” paragraphs  to bring the audience believing  their dissemblance and falsehood.

Here 3 Don Stabler depositions on the same subject/event given to 3 different attorneys ( 2 Plaintiff attorneys and 1 defendant attorney ) just to show you how people lie relentlessly, omit facts and embellish their agenda, under oath constantly.

  1. to Mr. Altman, plaintiff lawyer (Prescient).

To Mr. David, Lawyer of plaintiff *Perfect Circle”

Here  Don Stabler answered regarding the same episode  to Michael Jackson defense lawyer Mr. Wachtel:

As you can see we have dumb talks verbalized by an idiot such is Don Stabler  who probably thought that telling about “peculiar attitudes” of Michael Jackson” could have given himself a pass on the fact that he had signed documents without having the authority. And sadly if you search about this specific matter in social web site and forums you will read as follow” Randy Jackson is a violent person/ MJ feared him/ Randy Jackson said his brother was drunk etc etc.

Considering the large number of tips this deposition contain, we feel  pretty lame how the MJ community sintetized it.

(to be continued)