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The stolen Michael Jackson Estate

“John E. Schreiber, an attorney for Katherine Jackson, said, “Frankly, Mrs. Jackson has concerns about handing over the keys to the kingdom.”
Branca had a 5 percent interest in Sony/ATV Music Publishing in September 2005, according to Uniform Commercial Code filings in New York, but his interest was terminated in December 2007.
Branca also was a trustee in MJ Publishing Trust, which held Jackson’s 50-percent stake, but is not believed to be any longer, said John Schreiber, a lawyer for Katherine Jackson.
Her lawyers had argued in court that Katherine Jackson needed to be special administrator of the estate to be able to determine if Branca and McClain had other dealings with Jackson or his partners.”

#facts =>


Michael Jackson ‘s lawsuit against Julien’s Auction (March 2009)


In March 2009 , Michael Jackson sued Julien’s Auction House exposing the crooks they are , while trying to block this auction



On august 29, 2018 , Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson sell pair of shoe with “Michael Jackson” ‘s name on it, even using Julien’s auction !




Julien’s auction that even defrauded people after Michael Jackson’s death , using Michael Jackson !




Michael Jacksons ‘s 272 MILLION DOLLARS in loans with Bank of America, accrued up to 1998 continuing to 2004 , with MJ in the dirty hands of MJ Estate ‘s executor John Branca and friends

Do people understand the #fact that the 272 MILLION DOLLARS of loans that #MichaelJackson accrued with Bank Of America up to the year 1998 continuing to the year 2004 , were accrued under the “management” (cheating and fuckeries) of crook John Branca and his friends, for Sony ‘s benefits ?


This is the history of the MJPT and of the MJ-ATV and the loans on them.

#MichaelJackson ‘s financial, business and loans ‘s papers , from Bank Of America to Citygroup/Fortress – Material Facts – Involuntary bankruptcy attempt


Year 2006: Michael Jackson talking about his problems related to the loans he had with Bank of America,  and who and what was behind the problems


People working around 2005/2006 for Michael Jackson, for helping MJ while he was facing the problems that branca, sony and their friends were creating on MJ, while MJ was even going through the false allegations that MJ told us were linked to his catalog that sony wanted


MJP-ATV Publishing  trust ‘s 200 MILLION of accrued loans of Michael Jackson with Bank of America. 140 Million dollars accrued through the years up to December 23, 1998, with MJ in the dirty hands of John Branca for years and then also Myung-Ho Lee , to September 30, 2002 with MJ in the dirty hands of  to John Branca and Barry Siegel .



December 23, 1998 ‘s papers – 140 Million of accrued loan. Papers with Bank of America, under the dirty hands of John Branca and Myung-Ho Lee

December 27, 2000 ‘s papers – 45 Million in loans with Bank of America, with Michael Jackson under the dirty hands of John Branca and Myung-Ho Lee







September 30, 2002 ‘s papers – 11.6 Million in loans with Bank of America, with Michael Jackson under the dirty hands of John Branca and Barry Siegel




From 140 million in loans accrued through the year up to the year 1998, to 200 million in loans in 2002 :







MJPT (MJ Publishing trust) ‘s 72.5 MILLION of accrued loans with Bank of America. September 1999 to March 2004 ‘s papers  , with MJ passing through the dirty hands of John Branca and Myung-Ho Lee and McClain and Malnik.




In September 27, 2005 , John Branca filed an injunction against Michael Jackson , blocking MJ refinancing and risking MJ to foreclose , bringing MJ’s loans amount to 300 million


Michael Jackson Involuntary Bankruptcy Attempt Explained