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The business of pettifoggers: the huge amount of Money that pettifoggers make off Michael Jackson .

The business of pettifoggers:  the huge amount of Money that pettifoggers make off Michael Jackson . 

This is the money they made just from March 2017 to December 2017.


The lies of John Branca of Michael Jackson Estate about the sony/ATV sale and the buy/sell clause

The lies of John Branca of Michael Jackson Estate .

He repeats over and over again the same script/LIE of blaming anyone post 2006 for the sale of sony/atv, when HIMSELF was the lawyer involved in the Sony/ATV operative agreement with the trigger clause that was in it, since the beginning, way before 2006!

Sony/ATV operative agreement

“Exit strategies” and “put options”



To not forget the loans accrued under John Branca, that overtime gave power to Sony to control Michael Jackson



The shameful cover of the album Xscape that is a marketing gimmick for selling a sony’s product

Disturbing how Michael Jackson Estate and Sony use Michael Jackson as a product and a slave.

The ring around the photoshopped body shape and face of Michael Jackson on the Michael Jackson Estate’s /Sony ’s album cover Xscape , represents a Speaker Ring .

This is a silent advertising of the new Sony’s phone speaker/audio system capability….

A photoshopped Michael Jackosn’s figure is in a audio speaker with around his head the final part of the speaker system…the Speaker ring

Shameful… all these marketeers call this cover, futuristic “artwork” ….. this is called silent marketing crap for Sony…slavery

The Michael Jackson Estate: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

For years and years and years and years to come , masses of fans will keep fueling the talks about the false allegations against #MichaelJackson.
This is what it is convenient that masses of fans keep their attention on, while who has profited from Michael Jackson in life and in death, will remain unpunished and in control of everything Michael Jackson forever.
Some names of people and of whoever and whatever corp , will be thrown out there with the goal to be used as scapegoat to take attention away from other names of people and corporations that were, that are and that will forever be the root of all the crap against MJ in life.
They use masses of fans and Michael Jackson to do everything they want .
Villains will be portrayed as “saviors” , when MJ ended up dead following the years of shit he had to face because of these villains that masses of fans will be brainwashed to think they are the “saviors” of the shit era of the post death of Michael Jackson