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The trashing of #MichaelJackson by the hands of Michael Jackson Estate, using their trash partners in busine$$/media

This is the sort of articles that Michael Jackson Estate filed in court against the IRS to use their content to talk shit about in order to devalue his image and likeness



MJ Estate / John Branca pictured as a pariah&a freak&devalued MJ’s image & devalued MJ’s assets. AEG did the same

#MichaelJackson ‘s financial, business and loans ‘s papers , from Bank Of America to Citygroup/Fortress – Material Facts – Involuntary bankruptcy attempt







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Neverland Ranch – forced loan papers

At this link you can find out how John Branca was the cause of Neverland Loan because John Branca did an injunction against Michael Jackson


John Branca: the greedy backstabber!

Below is the Timeline of the Loan on caused by John Branca ‘s injunction against .




September 27th 2005 – John Branca’s injunction against Michael Jackson that caused the Loan on Neverland



These are Neverland loan ‘s documents



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