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March 4, 2009: The Confidential Estate Planning and Confidential Agreement of #MichaelJackson with Peter Lopez

March 4, 2009: A confidential estate planning of #MichaelJackson and a Confidential Agreement of Michael Jackson with Peter Lopez.

Michael Jackson ended up dead in June 2009 and an old outdated fraud “estate planning” of a Michael Jackson Estate with an outdated will were used to appoint in charge of a Michael Jackson Estate the crook executor John Branca with Weitzman, etc , with the colluded Jackson family ‘s members in their pockets.

We are talking about the same John Branca that was stripped away by Michael Jackson from controlling the same trusts that Branca controls since Michael Jackson’s death !

We are talking about the same John Branca and pals that were retained by AEG as “entertainment counsel” and that had nothing to do with being Michael Jackson’s lawyer, since Peter Lopez was at that time Michael Jackson’s lawyer!!

FACT: John Branca, Frank DiLeo and Joel Katz, were retained by AEG for the “This Is It” concerts and forced on Michael Jackson by AEG

One more day of life to live for #MichaelJackson , was 1 more day lost for John Branca/ziffren and pals to get their chance to put their hands on what of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson ‘s days and life were going faster than any time measured by any clock.


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